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Setting up XMPP server (ejabberd) on Ubuntu 1

Setting up XMPP server (ejabberd) on Ubuntu

Today i was setting up XMPP server (ejabberd), so i thought i should write what i learnt. First of all you need to decide which XMPP server you want to deploy, in my case “ejabberd”. Here is the process to deploy on Ubuntu: 1) First of all install ejabberd using the command. sudo apt-get install ejabberd This command will set up all the necessary thing for ejabbered in /etc/ejabberd 2) Now you need to register user for your Server, the command is: ejabberdctl register admin localhost password Your password in place of  “password”  in command above. 3) Now you need to change few thing in the configuration file. sudo nano /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg   and change following thing in the file, here admin is the username and localhost is the server, you should add your own {hosts, [“localhost”,””]}.  %% Admin user {acl, admin, {user, “admin”, “localhost”}}. %% Hostname {hosts, [“localhost”]}. 4) Restart ejabber sudo service ejabberd restart Bravo, the server is all set now you can access its Web panel form: Then you need to enter your credentials user: pass: password  (you changed in STEP 2) Now from this panel you can add/delete/check users, IMPORTANT: if you are setting it up on AMAZON you need to open following ports 5280, 5222   Now you can use XMPP client to chect ex: pigdin   Shoot me at   Regards Ankit Sinha