Monthly Archive: November 2014


Linux Custom Command

This is very short tutorial to get you started on creating custom command in linux. Lets say you are working on some project, and every time you start, you need to navigate to the directory and manually start the script and extra house keeping task. So how about you just write a command from your terminal “do-this” and every thing is all set-up to get started with, here is what you can do: You are actually setting up aliases. STEP 1: Open your terminal and type following command sudo nano ~/.bashrc STEP 2: What ever your commands are, just add under alias like this alias do-this = ‘python  /var/www/’ and save it. STEP 3: Log in back, and just type do-this and you are done. Now you can use your custom command “do-this” every time you want to get started, also you can chain lot of command by using semicolon  “;”