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Using openCV in c# 0

Using OpenCV in C#

I am writing this blog post to explain how opencv can be used in C# WPF/Windows Form application. Emgucv ( is a wrapper over opencv than can be used in C# application, the steps are: STEP 1: Create x86/x64 directory in Debug/Release folder and copy all the DLLS present in your emgucv installation directory.   STEP 2: After copying these DLLS in ¬† “bin/Debug/x86” or “bin/Debug/x64” ¬†same for Release add these lines in you code: using Emgu.CV; using Emgu.CV.Util; using Emgu.CV.CvEnum; using Emgu.CV.Structure;   Note: Don’t forgot to add reference, by right clicking on project in solution explorer->add refrence. and pointing to those DLLS. You can use Emgu provided toolbox element, by right clicking in toolbox section->choose items and then inside .NET framework tab, browse to emgu installation directory and select EMGU.CV.UI.dll and press OPEN, then you will see IMAGEBOX inside you toolbox components, and you can use it by dragging and dropping in to the UI(only for Windows Form Application). To know more shoot me at